Whipsaw Trail Sept 2010 – Part 1

Well, our group finally got together for one trip this year… and it was a great weekend! This was my first time to The Whipsaw Trail. Being off this day, I was able to make an easy getaway, out of the valley traffic, to wait for the remainder of the group in Hope. By the time everyone met , it was now dark, and probably around 9pm. We got to the trailhead by midnight, air’d down, and headed into the trail.

Whipsaw Trip 2010 010Whipsaw Trip 2010 011

Pictures were useless in the evening, and so none were taken, but you can see we found a road side area, that we could rest at for the evening.

The remainder of the morning was spent driving around, looking for the camp site at the beginning of the trail that all these guys had been to before, and all thought we were on the right trail. About 5 hours later after coming close to the actual trail (according to our GPS), we were 500 meters off, and could not find the right way. My wife and I remembered in the wee morning of the hours that we had passed a sign way back at the entrance that said we had gone onto some other Forestry Road, other than the whipsaw forestry road, and that’s what we were on. The views were great, but we really wasted a lot of time just driving around. Here are a few pics that we took along the way,

So we back tracked, used out Backroads Map book in combo with the GPS waypoints, and sure enough, found our way to the Trail. We had a great ride that day, with lots of stops to take in the view. The trial itself was actually way easier than I really expected. It was a very easy drive, but there are lots of side roads to increase the “fun” if anyone would chose. We ended the day at Wells Lake. All the sites were taken by other campers, so we stayed lake side. The night had a nasty little chill to it, but we did what we could to stay warm.

Whipsaw Trip 2010 152Whipsaw Trip 2010 155Whipsaw Trip 2010 157Whipsaw Trip 2010 160

Sure enough, it got alittle cold for all of us, so off to bed be went, listening to the sounds of AC/DC and top 40 thumping away in the background from two different Camp Sites. And this is what we woke up to….. (continued-Part II)


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