The time has come.. Rubicon Express budget boost install

Alright. So I’ve be pining on and on about this lift kit for the last few months on here. Well in fact I’ve been doing the same things to my friends for the last 3 years of owning my Jeep TJ that I said each year I was going to buy the lift and get it installed. Well yesterday was that day!!!!

Here is the jeep, all stock heights and everything. phone pics 015

A friend of mine had come out on this windy/ rainy day , with a little “can do” attitude, and we were off stripping the back end first.

Now this is a big first for me. I’ve done some upgrades to the jeep myself, but without my friends help, I would have been totally lost. The four hour install would have taken four day’s. The Rubicon Express Lift came with one page of finely printed instructions, that really didn’t explain all that much. There is a little knowledge of Vehicle’s that are required before diving into this!

phone pics 018

The backend went in fairly well. A HUGE MUST HAVE for people wanting to do this lift, get spring compressors. They are a minor investment to a much easier day!!

Essentially for the install it’s like this;

– Rear sway bar – disconnected.

– Rear Shocks – disconnected

– Rear Springs – removed

– Remove the bump stop cup, install new bump stop spacer and coil spacer, with bump stop cup, and go in reverse order.

Now that’s a very simplified version, but really those are the main things to it.

phone pics 0171

When the rear was done, what next was the front. The front end took a little more work. The springs are longer, and now that I added the 3” spring spacers in the front, the springs would not easily go back in. This is where the coil compressors and an impact wrench really helped. Do not try to do this install without one. Seriously , all the lifting and bouncing in the world will not get those springs to fit without them.

Shocks went back in , and installed the Gen 2 Sway disconnects from Rubicon Express to actually have a Sway bar again. The sway bar disconnects have a mounting point that needs to be installed above the coil against the inner tire wall. I did not have the time to fully install this, but will have to do this soon as I’d like to go on a trip soon to try out the lift. If I disconnect I will have nowhere to put the disconnects and risk damaging them. I’ll take more pictures of the install and then do a review of both when I go out on the next trip.

Oh ya… here is the finished product.

 phone pics 021

phone pics 020You can see that the 3” lift in the front really corrected the weighed down front end. I’m extremely happy with the outcome. The extra height will get me over just that many more boulders!

Shout-out to Rubicon Express and Fat Bob’s Garage for the parts. A HUGE thanks to Gethin for the helping hand, and never forget Mr. and Mrs. C for the use of their place and the warm coffee and tea.




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